Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes                  

This is a classic example of Dean’s self-sacrifice compulsion for his brother. Madison has asked Sam to kill her instead of letting her remain a werewolf. Sam is understandably upset about the whole situation and Dean, who can’t stand to see his brother in pain, offers to pull the trigger himself so that Sam doesn’t have to live with the guilt. But Sam is stronger than that, and while he appreciates his brother’s offer, he decides to do it himself (x).

Something else about this scene: Jensen was not supposed to cry. It was supposed to be Sam’s scene. But Jared was so overcome by emotion (by imagining having to put down one of his dogs) that Jensen simply reacted to Jared’s sadness. That tear is Jensen crying at seeing Jared.

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Jared’s smile can make you feel better than any painkiller (x)